The Note

Cleaning my room
To find an object
That is very important
To my mom.

I continue looking
For it until
I found a piece
Of paper.

It's yellow
So it can't
Be from me
Which I usually
Have white paper.

Reading the yellow paper
Which the handwriting
Is not my own.

As I read it,
I remembered
The day I will
Never forget.

It was the day
After I said, "yes."
And you wanted to give
Me a proper start
To our relationship.

I remembered the roses
You gave me,
So very beautiful
With such very beautiful colors.
I remembered the chocolates
You brought and gave me.
So very sweet
And unique.

Hope you like these chocolates and flowers. The flowers signify my colorful passion for you and the chocolates signify the amazing sweetness in my life. Here's to an amazing start.
-... <3"

Oh how I wish
To go back to
That day.
I wanted to be your love again,
But our friendship
Is more important.

You are actually a true friend to me.
I don't want to
Mess it up
With my unpredictable feelings.

Now, remembering
That day,
Put me to tears.
I will keep it with me,
In my heart,
The note you gave me
At the start of our

I will continue to
Keep things
Inside but
For how long?

[the quotes come from the actual note that my ex girlfriend gave me, but I censored the names. Just for the fact she's my first girlfriend so it's kind of understandable why I haven't let it go.]
YamiNoSukai YamiNoSukai
18-21, F
May 7, 2012