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21 Songs Poem

I do write poems by myself too but this is something I enjoy myself with when I'm bored or when I need inspiration for one of my stories.

1. Put your music-player on shuffle,
2. The first sentence from the song lyrics of the 20 first songs makes up the poem.
3. The first line of the 21st song is the title. You can use how much of the first sentence you like as long as the beginning of the sentence is still there the thing is to crop it in the right place to make it sound like a poem.

I used the Nightwish discography for this poem but I had to remove 2 of the songs I got because they were in Finish,  I also ignored the songs that came again when I already used them.

A lonely bard:

Come and share this painting with me, I went to die in a seaside hotel.
Naked in midwinter magic a grand oasis in the vastness of gloom.
A lady with a violin playing to the seals.

Master! Born to the false world.
All those beautiful people they came for him one winter's night

Close your eyes 6:30 winter morn, we're walking in the air.
A ballad of dark queen echoes through night I went into the wilderness.
I wish I had angel for whom the gun tolls.

The days were brighter, the sun is sleeping quietly.
This is me for forever, Once upon a time.

(1"Slow love, slow" -  2"Rest calm" - 3"Sacrament Of Wilderness" - 4"Stargazers" - 5"The Siren" - 6"Wishmaster" - 7"Nightquest" - 8"Swanheart" - 9"Over the hills and far away" - 10"Sleepwalker" - 11"Eva" - 12"Fly (Walk In The Air)" - 13 "Sahara" - 14 "The Wayfarer" - 15 "I wish I had an angel" - 16 "The Kinslayer" - 17 "Away" - 18 "Sleeping sun" - 19 "Nemo" -  20 "Scaretale" - 21 "Once Upon A Troubadour")
Faraklin Faraklin 36-40, F May 7, 2012

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