I wrote My Poem

Clocks are churches to venerate Time.
They are built for minds bewitched by the illusion of its power.
Humans hurry their existence, they know more about hours and minutes
than what they do,
facing New Years as new world to count.
Time measures stars to fit them in space of minds.
Clocks tick away the rest and labor, love and hatred, horror and joy in
the same way because they come and go as the same units.
They give the same minutes to be born and die.

It was no time before I opened my eyes to see the world.
My heart started my clock and my time began
My days are as long as I move.
Thoughts are years.
Minutes of hate are shorter than seconds.
Minutes of love and thanks longer than my existence.

I cannot be late for myself -- I am always on time.
My mind is the only time machine which takes me everywhere ignoring millions of years.
I could see my life as one day but I need centuries to understand a minute.
When my heart stops my time no one will be there to rewind it.

V. Nova
novatownsite novatownsite
36-40, F
May 12, 2012