Waking Nightmare

Current mood: distressed
Category: Life

I close my eyes

but I cannot sleep

Seeing what it is

that keeps my brain racing

I feel like the world

has lost it hope for now

Noone can know

unless they experience

the pain of one

who has forced theirselves

into the essenes of your soul

It comes back in a flash

the emotions of everything

please stop all the anger

fear of what had happened

it’s not like a dream you have

when you’re asleep you get to change those things

that cause the anxiety

the disturbing actions of the monster

who came into your mind in so many places

The scene is the same always hearing

one more minute I will be done

Just stop the screams deep inside of me

that want to come forward but I subdued again

A waking nightmare only if I could sleep

Turning the lights out again

closing my eyes

to the struggled

As I tried to get free

yet it happened so long ago

why so real tonight

I only want to go to sleep

just like when you have a nightmare

while asleep you want to wake up

Here i am awake

if I could sleepthe night mare would be gone

.. if only for a little bit I never want it to come back

thoughts of the vulnerability

weakness of me

A waking nightmare

always thinking

it could happened once again

I just want to go to sleep

Never to remember

the terror or fear

of the waking nightmare

that makes me want to sleep

Lynn Higgs
Weary111soul Weary111soul
46-50, F
May 15, 2012