Not Really Goodbye :)

To all my great friends ....... We've come so far since we started secondary school ...... but this is for you ... things won't change :)

It was five months ago we took our separate paths
Fighting hard to make time last
We had fun while we could and shed some tears
Held on to memories as we confessed our fears

Few were excited, some were scared
Most of us were sad and not at all prepared
We had to say goodbye to so many faces
As we packed our bags for brand new places

At first it was hard because everything was new
Then things got easier as more friendships grew
Time's gone by so fast and we've come so far
But we still remember who our real friends are

Once a month phone calls keep us in touch
Letters and phone calls are forced to be enough
Things aren't the way they used to be
Our lives have changed and so have we

They said, "Your friends in high school will fade away"
You'll make friends in college and unintentionally stray
Your personality will change and your morals will lower
Then before you know it, old friendships will be over

Homecoming and Thanksgiving came then went
Stories were told and time was spent
We've all changed and witnessed different things
But when we're together, nothing's changed it seems

Distance has only made us realize we're strong
Though deep down we've known it all along
So wherever you go, whatever you do
Know you'll always have a friend who stands beside you
laurie37 laurie37
18-21, F
1 Response May 18, 2012

It's great! May I use this for my school? I won't unless I have your permission.

Yeah, Thats okay. Are you graduating soon?

Thank you! and No I'm in My freshman year but I Was asked to put a poem in the yearbook for the grads. And I was drawing a blank lol