Sex Life Of An Atom

She set my 'lectrons spinning,
Their orbits out of sight.
Her Ac phase kept switching
Me on throughout the night.

She short circiuted my mind
And really blew my fuse.
When I gave her one my elctrons,
I knew I couldn't lose.

With amplitudal modulation,
Her frequency went down,
Till she found my tiny nucleus
And twirled it round and round.

Her gamma radiations
And my alpha waves did merge.
So from our bonded orbits,
We could not diverge.

My amperage kept falling
And my voltage going up.
I felt in radiaton
that I would soon erupt.

She took me through the farads.
And, the henries we did see.
And then her naked neutrons,
She did show to me.

Her capacitor was getting charged,
Her resistance going down.
Our mutual inductance
Her impedance will next crown.

Her filaments are glowing,
Her transistors getting hot.
And now its really time to see
If I can turn her pot.

Through her wave guides, I do travel
Pulsing now with glee.
Caught up now in fusion,
Her fission splits for me.

Our atoms now are closer.
And at last we do unite.
Shedding subatomic particles,
Our rads light up the night.

demorcan demorcan
61-65, M
1 Response Jun 12, 2012

That's so nerdy and cute at the same time. Lmao.