(don't Have A Title: 3)

I'm standing there in the chapel
And your not the one down the aisle
Don't feel bad, because I'm happy
You can claim my innocence
Another girl we did part. .
Shifting things in our bed
Shifting feelings in your little thoughts
So there you stand
objecting and judgmental
Regretting what was before
Needing me to help you swallow your pride
Cause you could never do it on you own.
So bits and pieces we are
And I can barely remember what was
Forgot about you for a while
Forgot about our little love
And my eyes are on him
While you stand and watch
A little smirk on your face
A kiss for you to savor
You always said I was unable of moving on
But here I am proving you wrong.

Cheygirl1889 Cheygirl1889
18-21, F
Jun 21, 2012