First Poem

so i wrote this poem long back ! just sharing with you all :

with lakhs of people travelling
and thousands of passing by
i found myself in the midst
just gazing at the sky
for i need to choose
which road to travel by
making decision was not so hard previously
but this time it was not right to make easily
on one side
was a smooth and straight road
with lots of peole travelling on
and whose destination was well known
on the other side
was a road full of bumps
travelling on which means
criticism and opposition
whose destination was not known beforehand
and it was rarely travelled by man
i am still thinking
where to go
whether to join flock of sheeps
or go alone and rule the flow

darkknight3 darkknight3
22-25, M
4 Responses Jul 27, 2012

Wow, Seriously amazing! I love it! (:

oh thanks you ! makes me happy :)

Its beautiful :) keep it up. I would love to read more!!!

thank you :)


Well it's better then many things I've read on here I think the intro was good but it needs work with transition

nice!! :D

thank you.. :) it sucks though :D wrote it back when i was a kid !

it doesnt suck. how old were you when you wrote it?

ok that will be 16 or maybe 17 :P not a kid :D hehe