Me & You

I feel... happy that you are always waiting for me,
On the other side of the computer screen..
I feel... delighted when you say to me,
''hi, how are you? I am now free"
"lets chat till you fall asleep ,
i'll help you count all those sheep "....
But that's all about how I feel, I wanna be a part of your dream..
I wanna be so close to you,
that I can feel your breath on my lips..
stay with me just for one life I want to have you all,
I Promise , more in love with me you will fall...
you make my life a merry go round,
just believe me girl someday I will be there ans scoop you off the ground...
please be there on my funeral when I die,
I will wake up from death to say goodbye.

I wrote this for YOU. :')
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5 Responses Aug 8, 2012

i m sure ur love,, would never like to hear about u dying....the rest,, is super beautfull....

really nice :) hats off bro !


who ever this is for .... she's a lucky girl..

:') That made me cry.. It so beautiful. :)