The Great Trek

A winding path spirals on ahead, echoing with faltering footsteps
Unsure of himself, the solitary, young boy walks forward
Losing himself with each and every step, himself and his path
Distracted from life outside of his heart, he trudges onwards alone
The mountains on either side tower above him, looming over his shoulder
Casting suspicious shadows against the gravel road, a quiet susurrus of
Leaves and shadows whispering along as he walks, frightened and alone
Without a family, without one there to love, to hold, to be there for
The boy moves on alone, desperately wishing for help, a hand to hold onto
The sun sets behind the lip of the mountain on the west, bathing the world
In a deep, russet-red hue, the blood-red shadows loom more menacingly
Pitch black darkness hovers over-head, blocking out the silhouettes
Leaving nothing but eerie echoes of the past light shown through branches
Rain clouds appear, darkening the sky even further, forcing it to blacken
As if it was a large bruise, purpling and swelling, the silence deafening
Until without warning they burst, sending showers of wet precipitation falling
Down onto him, soaking him to the bone and chilling his heart and soul
Unprotected from the downpour, he runs under a tree, glistening in the rain
Miserable, wet and soggy, the boy feels like nothing else can go wrong
Like life will never get better, and that there are no silver linings to clouds
Stormy or otherwise, especially the ever-darkening ones above his head
Angelic choirs harmonize quietly to each other as the clouds above split
A shining beam of light powers through the rift in the clouds, blinding the boy
Showing itself right into his eyes, reflecting the wet rain off of the gravel path
And off of the trees and mountains, diamonds sparkling on every visible surface
The chorus of the haunting melody bursts into effect, raising and reaching
Even higher notes, harmonies and intensifies as the blinding light bounces off
Off of the seemingly endless abyss of darkness, filling it with a beautiful glow
Banishing the shadows and whispering spirits that once haunted his pained mind
And down from the mountains descends the chorus of angels; angels both
Human and inhuman, all at once; Angels who bring a feeling of hope back
To the boy's heart, as they take his hand and lead him away from the dark path
Away from the path and down to a brightly lit, paved road where he is never lost
Somewhere he can always be safe and protected, from rain storms and his own pain
Never alone is the smooth road the boy walks on now, always there are people
Friends and family, love and trust, never to disappear from his mended heart
And still he walks along, remembering the days past of the dark path behind him
Not sad, not regretting, but calm and at peace with himself, his mind, his heart
His soul singing with the praises of his new-found life, his family and support,
The boy wanders along the new road of his life, no longer lamenting his losses
Heart glowing anew with the bathing light of his personal, angelic choir and music
Harmonies always flowing through his mind, body and soul, comforting him
Mixed with his family and friend's voices, the encouraging thoughts and words
That path he left behind still there, lurking in the shadows, but not of his mind
Still existing for other people, those who have yet to find their saviors of sanity
Showing itself dark and dank, deeply imprinted in the minds of those who've yet
To partake on the great walk, braving the fears they face on their way to a better life
Going through and passing over the obstacles in their path, on their way forwards
Hands are always there, angelic hands and helpers who'll lead people through
They'll take us all through to the bright place in our lives, where we know it's safe
Just like with the boy who thought he'd lost his way, we'll all find that safe zone
And through thick and thin we'll have our angels show us the way through
Past the rough patches and out towards our future; angels that really aren't
Angels who seem celestial, but who walk the ground and live on the earth
Human angels, those who are there as our family, friends, loved ones
The other parts of our souls and bodies, people who'll never leave us once they
Appear into our lives like flower buds that open and spread the influence around
Cheering us and guiding us away from that darkness within and without
Finally showing us, and the boy, the light that helps us, and him, to get away
Leaving our old selves behind in the dust, so we can better prepare for what's coming
The boy from back then is gone now, locked away and treated for, no longer listened
No longer existing -- Now, today, there is the new-found boy, rescued by angels
Saved from despair, loneliness, even from himself, by the shining angels
And still he partakes in that great walk, "el camino grande", or better yet,
"El camino de vida" -- "The walk of life"

(( I wrote this for a friend when he was feeling down, December of '11. I'm not sure what the inspiration was, but this seems to be my longest free-style poem yet, and my favorite.))
TheLayman TheLayman
18-21, F
Sep 11, 2012