Those three words, seldom said and seldom meant
Leave your heart full and mind numb
Eating away at your soul and your sanity
Let the birds caw overhead; let them go
Silence the world for a moment, feel the flow
Mend the breaks and patch the holes
Seal the bottle and send it away
Close the door, turn the lock, throw away the key
Lose a life, gain a piece of wisdom
Dream of the day that life ends
And know inside that not just the yawning, gaping chasm
Will consume those three painfully absent words
That fill life with the deep oceans of thought
Leaving it to tangle into the knots we all have
Slowly taking form, lacking the comfort of old
Heeding no warning, slowly turning for the worse
Falling, falling to the ground
Splitting cells, coming apart at our feet
And in our heads, the knots form
Drums beat and we spin as the rhythm takes us away
Clouds part overhead, gliding away towards the horizon
And the knots are ever forming, forming in our heads
Joining with the others, more complicated than ever before
The whirlwind swirls around, moaning in the air
And we smile at the knots; we know they are there
Make the trees kowtow, make the mountains bow down
To our knots, to our problems, to us
Thunder shakes the sky and lightning flashes
And still the knots form
Forming more and more, getting more tangled
As we dance around in the rain, the downpour
Soaking our heads, dripping water down our backs
Knots tangle in our hair, more and more knots
Always there, no matter what we do
Never gone, just silently getting worse as time goes on
Rumbling quietly, away goes the thunder
Yet still we dance, around and around the fire we twirl
And knots form, tangling in our minds and on our heads
And laughing, we fall
Fall, fall to the ground, and the grass laughs with us
The stars seem to yell with joy at our happiness
And still we laugh, laugh away the night
Knots form, and get straightened out
Slowly, slowly, we sort out our troubles
Laughing all the way, smiling out of our eyes
Expanding our knots to form loosely tied strands
Strings of luck and problems of life
Smoothing out the wrinkles in our minds, on our foreheads
And laughing, we still fall, fall to the ground
As the knots re-tangle back into themselves yet again
Smiling, the life expands happily
And death seems to go away for a while
Leaving us the only people in the world
TheLayman TheLayman
18-21, F
Sep 11, 2012