a fortiori, you may keep the day from ending,
i know you, i know it to be true,
months go by without a change,
but you may save the day from ending,
i know you.

at any moment you could prove this autogenesis,
i know it, i've seen such spontaneous generation,
you cough out rocks of living orange,
but you could prove these rocks are dying
(like the rest of us),
i know it.

Absalom slept, reacted against,
refused to cry, you know for you were there,
i saw you there, remembered nights
when you had saved the day from ending
(steadied Joab's hand)
i saw you.

the transmission, clouded, obscured, i wish you were here.
the neon flickers on the wall, clouds, obscures,
months go by, no change in sight,
the neon flickers, i wish you were here,
i wish you.

(count them)
(count them)
here i go, i know, i saw,
and i showed no ****** mercy.
but you are spontaneous generation,
i know you,
you could save the day from ending.
save me just the same.
i'd save you.
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Sep 17, 2012