A Point Of Weakness!

This is a weak point in my biology.
Something my human can't ever over come.
A point in me,
lacking in power and will.
Its a broken peace of a whole being.
That crumbles further more each day that go's by.
Mistakes were made at first.
After all,
it is always sticking out.
as it got caught in the crossfire,
a lot.
Got maimed,
a lot.
Got shattered even more,
but always put back together again in the end.
Only to go throw hell yet again.
Not much has changed.
The point of submission is still there,
but now more noticeable.
More guarded,
but still it get's shattered from time to time.
Time does not heal all wounds.
Throw the misleading cast,
the scars still remain.
Proving its uselessness.
Show casing its lack of self preservation.
Outlining the bigger weakness of its person,
and her inability of knowing,
when she needed a shield.
She who has become aware.
Who to her credit,
has worked to keep the anomaly secured.
As best as she know's how.
But she is still human.
With that she can not succeed. 
She will not win.
She will fall,
again and again.
And end up even more bruised and battered,
then the anomaly its self.
amicawinters amicawinters
18-21, F
Nov 30, 2012