wet feet and a cold nose, we stroll through the city.
wouldn't it be nice? you know, you and me?
she said we looked cute, but there's already a girl that keeps her busy.
i want to stop at every long red light with you...it's in my eyes, don't you see?
i see you watching me dance on the table tops, i've seen that look before.
you see me watching you play the guitar with your band, and you've seen that look before.
let's go to las vegas and get hitched to forget about this crazy life we live with.
we're in it together, forever, for better, not worse.

didn't even know what love was like
haven't felt it my entire life
five years ago i was just a kid, who was lost
then you came around and my heart was cost
i want you to be my full time baby
but instead you're contemplating two timing, baby
i gotta leave now, and i gotta leave fast
even mamma told me this would never last

maybe it's your deep blue eyes, or the way you bite your lip.
it could be the way you drive, or the way you laugh.
and i'm over here wondering why you're letting me hold your hips.
nothing will come between us baby unless you let her split us in half.
come to my house tonight honey let me make this right.
pull up in my drive way and i'll stop this fight.
and even though my life isn't like the fairy tales, you are my knight, in shining armour.
SweetxSorrow SweetxSorrow
Nov 30, 2012