R A I N I N G ~ R A I N B O W S !

To see a rainbow you must have some rain
But rain can cause some people pain
Flooded houses ~ flooded crops
They are grateful when it stops.

I the UK each person has a brolly
To go to work without it would be folly.
Because my favourite colour's blue
My brolly is the same cool hue.

It rained last week ~ to my surprise
A rainbow sprang before my eyes!
Dark for the Men and bright the Dollies
A rainbow made of unfurled brollies !

So if it's raining don't be glum 
For after rain a bow must come.
Red orange yellow blue and green
Violet and indigo between !

RAINING RAINBOWS !  One of the things that attracted me
to EP was the facility to add pictures to one's story or poem.
For me (and I hope for you !) pictures complement the poem.

Thanks for visiting and commenting ~ JAMES X  

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Dec 12, 2012