If All We Had Was This....

If all we had were memories,
…of the quite times in each other’s arms.
Feeling calm, lifted, warm and floating,
…would you know I was thinking of you?

If all we had were feelings,
...tilting our heads forward to brush cheeks.
Feeling like two melting into one,
…would you be able to feel me?

If all we did was close our eyes,
…feeling through the mists to meet.
Seeing your glow, your elegance, your beauty,
…would you be seeing me too?

If all we had were hearts,
…feeling the each other’s beating.
Pulling the turmoil and sadness from our chests,
…would you too be thinking of holding me?

Our lives and distance will forever part us,
…feeling so displaced and apart… missed.
But we loved once oh so deeply, and so I’m happy,
…even though all we will ever have, is this.
RandDannesk RandDannesk
46-50, M
1 Response Dec 15, 2012

So beautifully written.

Thanks sweetie! :)