I Can't Forget Your Tears...

I can't Forget Your Tears

I was at my neighborhood corner store today and came across this young woman that I'd seen before and said hi!

As I was pulling away God brought to my memory her tears, the tears I had seen earlier in the summer time and this is what God caused to rise up in my heart and mind.

I remember yours tears, I know all your fears

I know how you have dreamt of a love- A love that will embrace you never let you go

knowing deep down inside this love you were born for

someone please love me- your heart cries out

with out a doubt to this love you could stand faithful

the cries of your heart bleeds into my being- it cries out in the darkness

Will you please please take the time to share the love that will set me free

I need to be free, don't you understand I have never known true love

I've searched hi & low, I feel as though know one knows I'm alive

I'm trying to survive, someone anyone come and breath life into me

My life has been nothing but pain, sorrow the fear of tomorrow

This is all I know- can't you see this

Please don't miss this- I have never known bliss or joy at that

I feel as though the day I was born was cursed

This world is a curse of death with it's deadly grip- I want to escape

Prove to me that I'm not a mistake

Tell me that I have value and a purpose

You could save my life today -

So this was what went through me. I have been praying for her and when the time is right and God says to do it I will lead her to Jesus. I always wait for the green light- The Holy spirits leading - in the meantime I pray for those who God has assigned to me.

Do you know the heart of Jesus? Can you feel what He feels for the lost?

My heart is broken for these people, it makes me cry to feel all the pain that comes off of them.Even when there angry and mean I feel the pain inside them, there in pain they need love. They need Jesus. Pray for the lost we our the ones that intercede for them on the behalf of Jesus.You can save a life, you could change their life forever! Doesn't that make a difference?

But if our gospel be hid, it is hid to them that are lost: 2 Corinthians 4:3

Heavenbound5511 Heavenbound5511
36-40, F
Dec 15, 2012