I'm lusting for more nothing less. Even as my stomach aces, I find a way to get energy.
I can't run anymore but I think there's food somewhere.
As I dig thought the trash for something more.
I dream about my stomach being ripped open and the tar I have consumed will be let out and maybe my own soul is released as well.
I need food for the future but if only I had some in the past.
I call out for you but the call is ended.
I need another life, but whose to take?
This is my life, it's no fake.
I need some food, so hear me now.
If you can spear some your soul will be risen and my dead soul can wait another day.
I'll be here waiting for you, all I need if some food.

Hope you like I made this under "high demand" lol.
Darkon1side Darkon1side
18-21, M
1 Response Jan 6, 2013

This made my get tears in my eyes no joke