The Nose Of Pherisene By Terrence J.S Wright

“The sandmans army feels threatened by my insomnia.
Every grain is wasted under the seconds I refuse,
But every single time you come for me…
Its an opportunity that I will always use.
You can see the look on my face,
I haven't anything to lose.
And anything you attempt to make me fail at,
You will fail at too.
So keep the queens ruby that you so desperately placed,
In the corners of my mind and the pockets of my sleep.
If we could all make up our minds,
We’d be dressed prettier than we are,
And not have to worry about attracting each other so hard.
But it’s not as if you could help yourself,
I’m just as sleepy as you,
Yet there’s a difference in the things we’re going through.
I’m rich in my ideas and i'm wealthy in my dreams,
So the holes in my jeans
Aren't as deep as you would think.
My fiance’ is waiting for me,
On the nose of Pherisene,
Wed by the ring of Saturn,
Hail to the Queen.
Dream or don’t you dare try to dictate what you mean.
I’ve closed my eyes a thousand times,
And imagine what i’ve seen.
A world where wars are weekdays,
And minutes in between…
The soldiers of it realize that rest has taken leave.
I’m a soldier of the symptoms,
So I’m down with fighting sleep,
My imagination lives….
That’s exactly what I mean.”
AftertheFeather AftertheFeather
22-25, M
Jan 8, 2013