Silent Anger

i stare at the sky.
i just want to fly.
why am i here?
while the end is near.
i hear a scream.
am i in a dream?
my dear old friend,
dead in the end,
leaving me alone behind,
while i am blind.
all of my kin
burned for their sin.
i fall and hopelessly lay
there appeared a ray.
i walked where it lead.
till i too fall dead.

me2you2me me2you2me
22-25, M
6 Responses Jan 9, 2013

I love the rhythm that this poem brought forward. The meaning behind the words is quite beautiful.

good job babe



that it vary good you are talented


your welcome i have some poems but well i couldnt share them im not good enough to do that

well you never know until you post

i dont know i think i like thinking they suck lol its easyer for me to bealive

i thought same about mine but i posted.many me think i suck but some may like it and that is enough. you don't have to satisfy everyone.

i guess i can put my old one on but i dont know

give it try. don't worry about the result

ok ill try just give me a few


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so true. your poetry is very deep and realistic also sad.

thank you

it s great , but no , u won't get burnt


I like your poem.

thanks for liking it :)