Our steadfast life together.
I wait till your here with me. You laugh as I did.
Together we encountered so many things but still held strong.
As you withered away I try to save you.
I've given you another chance take with love and care.
I watch all the new things happen even as you have to take your shots I will be there.
Darkon1side Darkon1side
18-21, M
3 Responses Jan 10, 2013

Beautiful!!! Nobody should mess with that! Amazing job NateB

NateB ?

Sorry i am on my ipod and when i tried to do a ! It did a B! Sorry! Hahahaha! I ment amazing job Nate!

Oh :3 sry for my suspicion

Hahahha! No its fine i do that to! Lol

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"He's given you another chance take with love and care" I think it should be I've instead of He's

I'm referring to god

yeah I assumed that but it's kinda coming out of nowhere


"We wait till we where both here" this line should be re worded


Yeah it overall was good just thought it needed a couple tweeks so did you rate up my poem?

He asked for my help

K sorry;( whoa totally embarrased!;)

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