True Hero

True Hero-

He will save her as I become a memory.
I took the path of a villain, dark,and cold.
He was the one that took the light.
My light.
I became evil in my own self pity, as he grew to the top.
I began to find others like me bitter, because they to had to let go.
She was so pure so perfect. But her light was burnt out.
He came back as he saw I was happy.
He took her and kept her will him they grew together.
I sat and watched as they loved.
I managed to show hatred towards everyone.
A menace I became.
They still wait for my permission.
I wanted her happy so I said yes.
She gave me her last smile as they waltz.
And that was the last they went on a trip and never came back he left with my last light.
I'll never find another.
I just became a memory.
Darkon1side Darkon1side
18-21, M
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