Roses And Thorns

Roses thorns, spoken scorn prickly around the spines of the environment just watch and hear here how we are scorned by the thorns as roses reared
Things we dont know are things we fear in the doubt of the arrogant ignorance that we grew up with
Realized by the desensitized who grew up with lies through the eyes of the trusted to be trusted after chain link chinks relationship rusted
Not Fathers rotted with the drink thats popped into knots
While Mothers popped by the fathers rotten from what they have got not
A whole damn lot with the nothing, lost
Feeling like theyre missing caught in translation when the people praying we fear the love preying
the abuse of innocence in our hearts and hearts have hearts for the fore forgotten in the ignorance of arrogance prideful like roses.
And the like roses ,thorns we get pretty pricked tricked, pricked blood sustenance to the feared.
Preyed on as we pray on
Knots in are hearts by the have nots we relied on.
Hear roses cry on, they keep on, one by one wilt, keep trying to move on. Trying to move on. Trying to move on trying to move on.
Singing the wrong songs trying to move on and to find what we've done wrong trying to move on, trying to move on, trying to move on.
we're just roses reared with lies abandonment grow big off cries.
Just roses with thorns on our sides. And the things we hide, to survive an everyday of things to be feared.

Mario2047 Mario2047
Jan 12, 2013