Intensely Me

I crawled to my beginning out of liquid lungs
filled with high tide in an
unfathomable opening above, enfolding, churning
the hugeness of an undulating globe,

balanced my erect brothers and sisters
I am fair-minded surviving an enormity
above, enfolding, churning
the sheer size of a progressing orb.

My end together with this holy escape
from my ogling the high-ceilinged
beyond infinite universe to universe I voyage
the vastness of an ongoing bubble

my mind hurdled without emptiness
dreams spinning although I haven't found a purpose.
So I blemish the forces of perfection
like an imposing shadow in the excellence of light

sliding through what I was yesterday.
I won't be caught mortified in the face of death.
It only requests a starting point deep hole above I can
dive past; transforming, rising and falling intensely me.
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1 Response Jan 14, 2013

Is this original? If so it's the best poem I have read so far on this site.