I ~ L O V E ~ M Y ~ C A T ~ Bewitched !

She's sleek ~ big eyed
Loves me and not too fat !
She's ideal as a pet
Cos I live in a flat.
When I'm away
I take her to my MUM's
She has a snow white cat
and they are chums
They're very good
and never make a mess
just like two QUEENS
out of a game of CHESS.
So if you're sad
or life is feeling flat
and if you haven't got one
Go out and buy a CAT
They're great and lots of fun
and very tame and sweet
and guarantee your life
with CAT ~ will be COMPLETE

If you want to get a LIFE
get a CAT not a HAT !

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J Ward ~ 17 January ~ 2013

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1 Response Jan 17, 2013

Cats are great but not for me.Love to look at them and watch them play but unfortunately I'm allergic to the beautiful creatures.