Haiku On Love


'Twas in a cafe
where the met and Romeoed
what Julie ate !


Two vampires met in
the night Oh what a fright 
it was love at first bite !


They said they incompatible
but ~ he had the income ~ and
she was pattable !


Have you met her Mother ?  I asked
yes he replied with a grimace.
Would you marry her Mother ~ NO
then don't marry her Daughter


Will you marry me DOREEN ?
YES on one condition ~ OK
don't tell my Husband !


CYNTHIA ~ Will you  sleep with me ?
of course  NOBBY  ~ I'll sleep with you
just as long as you don't wake up !

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Vampire poem:

Bored by wolves & coffins are cold
dentists expensive & teeth full of holes
sick of hanging around a dump
that's a real hole in the ground
can't afford blood on medicare
out of fashion losing my hair
no way to get me a tax rebate,
want to get married, get me a mate.

put an ad in the newspaper:
"elegant vampire after a date
sm's out, nothin' kinky please,
no leather no kitsch no weird ***** tease
I'm heterosexual & sensitive
you don't need dope if your cooool (like me..)
an icey manner is what you see
but lots of affection
so give me a call if you're around
Transylvania, I'll send a hound,
flowers a coach & candlelight,
the erotic sensations are out of sight
in a castle made of sandstone brick
(no religious hang ups -
& no garlic!"

there's nothing in life for a bachelor Count
with blood on his mind & nothing to mount.

Rae Desmond Jones (published in Best Australian Poems of 1985...)

The Transylvania one made me laugh and I like the graphic at the bottom about love.