I ~ L O V E ~ EP !

QUESTIONS & ANSWERS For me one of the most
interesting aspects of EP ~ Do you ask and answer ?

EP GIFTS  a lovely way to say Thanks ~ Hug ~ Love
Kiss ~ Smile ~ Roses ~ Puppy ~ Teddy Bear  ~ Coffee
etc.  and also you can add a little "Billet Doux" !

I also like the GESTURES which are slicker and quicker
I love to have a Gesture War great fun some are funny !

it gives me a group of over 50 contacts all round
the WORLD.  Men & Ladies of different ages and
cultures and creeds with active interaction !


I LOVE EP CARDS !  People don't send many 
which is a pity because they are lovely for a
longer personal greeting ~ LOL James XOX

EP EXPERIENCES ~ All Human Life is there ~ However
there are filters etc ~ so you don't have to be shocked !

EP has 1,300,000 members  USA (500,000) India (280,000) 
UK (77,000)  Canada (43,000)  Germany (16,000) and Italy
(9,000) 52% are MALE and 48% are FEMALE a good ratio !

Thanks for visiting ~ Please comment if you love EP

Posted on 20 January ~ 2013 ~ LOL James XOX

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2 Responses Jan 20, 2013

Great write up!!

That last part was interesting about how many people are on here around the world and the ratio of males and females.Thanks for the trivia.