Three Words By Me

I need to find the words to say the three words.
You know them so well until you actually need to use them.
They are fighting inside you; fighting against you.
It feels like you have this huge bowling ball in your stomach and you can’t get rid of it.
It’s heavy; it can make you dizzy.
And then comes the butterflies…sweetest pain.

The biggest volcano erupting in your veins.
Your hands get wet and your ears turn red.
Your mouth is open but you can’t speak.

You wish you could be as alive as your body.
It’s quite crazy how something can drive you crazy.
Sometimes you cry when you think about what you should of done,
What you should of said.

Until you get that rush
To say what you needed to say.
It’s this this thing called courage
It often defeat fear.

The moment you will never regret.
The one you will never forget.
The one when you simply said.
I Love You
CynnyK CynnyK
18-21, F
Jan 28, 2013