For My Invalid

i offten dream our lips collide
but as they part i catch your eyes
& the way we kissed,
could make you believe dreams do exist.

because its how you make me feel...
these dreams they heal,
& than again flash your eyes,
they hold a warmth that can melt the skies.

& for a moment we were more than a script,
because for a moment we were infinite.
but when you held me you held so tight
we both knew that not even in dreams can you be mine

so when we kissed you tried so hard to hold on
but by the end of this dream you'll be gone...
& you'll leave me here to drown in my sunrise,
but no worries dear, i dont mind death by disguise.

because for a moment we were more than this kiss...
for a moment,
we were endless.
FromNowUntilForever FromNowUntilForever
18-21, F
1 Response Feb 7, 2013

so beautiful :) Would it be alright with you if i turned this into a song??

Wow im flattered but why would you want to turn this into a song? Its not really that great a poem in the first place

I just hear it in my head :) It is very poetic.

Well if you'd like to turn it into a song im okay with it, but i'd like to hear how it turns out if thats okay with you :)