One Day

One day I will be with the one to rub my back when I say it hurts
to kiss me passionately after a hard long day at work
to be open, honest and true
to help me belive in what they say and what they do
I'm not writing this because I am sad or mad
I'm writing this because there someone out there who understands
I know there are many fish in the sea
we are led to believe that there is no monogamy
I don't believe it and that is that
I want to prove the world is wrong with a great big smack

One day I'll find the one to share their hopes and dreams
and to help each others misery become obsolete
to think of each other then only themselves
to make me their number one and put me on the highest shelf
because thats what I do to them for myself
Okay I know it can't come true
but a girl can have dreams and wishes too
One day I'll wake up and see the truth.
Its a fairytale I effing know
its okay though I'm only here for one show.


itslikeanorexia itslikeanorexia
31-35, F
Feb 25, 2009