I wrote this poem 3 years ago right after my father passed away, it was also my last one. I stopped writing after this poem, I lost my passion and lost I inspiration.
I wish I can be one day stronger enough and find the passion in me to start writing again.

Here is the poem..

Enta Hayati (You're My Life)

What would you do ..
If the skies are falling down
If you miss someone that’s not here or around
you keep on calling him and the only thing you hear back is the echo of your own sound
What would you do..
If that river of never ending love has come to an end
Your corner stone the one you used to lay your back on
was taken away like a whispering wind
a part of her just died when she slowly watched him taking his last breath, the heart stopped beating and his spirit has left
Strong as she may seem on the surface but not all the way through
Another year has passed by, the heartburn says it was all true
Shattered, ached and broken
forever these words will remain within her unspoken
a lost soul wandering around yearning for guidance, gasping for love and the tenderness that was gone
”Someone’s been missing and is out of sight” !
She sees a pictures of a man, desperately runs down to kiss him goodbye, to hold him just one last time to feel perfectly sane ( it’s just a bad dream! ) everything would be alright once again!
Reality has become unbearable so hard to swallow feeling trapped insecure because
i lost the one i used to follow
a Great Father, My Daddy (( Enta Hayati ))

God rest his soul
flawlessgardenia flawlessgardenia
26-30, F
Aug 16, 2014