Hurt Me...

Hurt Me..........

HE's not who I want him to be,

He looks in the mirror and see's,

a stranger waiting ready to feed,

Darkness consumed by evil needs,

Bound together by words of hate,

No longer friends its way to late,

The hurt you feel grows deep within,

They'll cast him out for his sin,

Now you hide your eyes of shame,

Shatter the mirror whose to blame,

The blood flows like acid rain,

scream in darkness for your pain,

Sorrow becomes the echo of cries,

With every reason I ask him why,

Its so easy for him to lie,

Broken souls in the shadow of goodbye........,....Concealed Death...

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1 Response Mar 12, 2010

Seems like he's in love but cannot show her what he truly is. The pain he feels from what he's done. His pain has delt him great misery. He neds to show the one whom he loves the true him.