I have a problem,
It’s an addiction,
Like a need for alcohol,
A need for drugs,
A need for cigarettes,
A need for sex,
Only my need is to cut

(This poem is of course about cutting. I've been cutting since I was 13. It turned from something that relieved my emotional pain, to a habit, to an addiction. I have other addictions that I wrote into poems and well actually almost all of my poems are clues about my addictions and vices that I have that I'm not proud of.)
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3 Responses Jul 22, 2010

Wish I saw this sooner, earlier this week I cut, and last week as well. Friday night, the day before I cut, I was deep in my thoughts and I came to a certain kind of understanding with and about myself. So far, I feel really at peace with myself, I almost had a panic attack, but tried something new and it worked. I didn't cut, and I actually haven't had any thoughts of suicide or cutting since then, I hope it stays this way.

I'm so sorry. The next time you feel the need if you want to em me, please feel free to do so.

I understand what you mean, and feel. Sometimes you wanna just quit it, never do it again. But when you do it, it feels like shutting out a part of yourself you wish wasn't there. After a while I couldn't even bear that anymore, it felt like lying to myself while looking in the mirror. I've found a different outlet from this recently, though I still struggle at times. Good luck to you.