I'm so lonely,
I need someone to hold me,
Tell me it's okay when I know it isn't,
Why do I feel so alone when people are around me?
Why does the one I love keep himself from me?
I need someone new to confine in,
Someone who is always there for me,
Treats me right all the time,
Loves me and only me,
But why keep hoping and wishing when I know it won't happen?
They say love is immortal because it created something that was never there before,
Why am I describing someone fictional?
AspiringPersephone AspiringPersephone
22-25, F
4 Responses Jul 22, 2010

i would love to hear poem

Well just being able to talk to someone is enough

You always have us. Although most of us can't hold you many of us would like to.

Its really good....<br />
A true and simple and straight from lonely person.