Childhood Memories

When I was 6, I used to sing lumlum bridge is falling down
But when I grew up,I realized that it is London bridge is falling down
I remember that my neighborhood told me that he will go to japan
I thought japan is a planet
When I grew up, I realized that when you go to Japan
You will go to another country not a planet
Before I thought americans are white ,
Now I know not all americans are white
Now that I'm 20, rules changed
knowledge grow, language changes
But there is no guarantee if you don't take a risk
Success is everywhere and you can achieve it by experiencing failure
Tears is the foundation of a clear vision
doggieschoice doggieschoice
22-25, F
1 Response Jun 7, 2011

These are sweet recollections and a good way to remember how incomplete our knowledge really is when it is purely from human sources.