A Tour To Bohol

There I go Bohol, The first picture is a sawa snake. I don't know what it is being called in  english.He is the biggest snake in the world. He's name is Crunie. He weighs 600kgs.He's about 30 feet.  The second picture is tarsier. Some foreigners mistaken to call him little monkey. The third picture is a chocolate hills. During rainy season. The color is green. It becomes brown during summer. Before it was called Carmen Hills. But when an american
teaher came to Bohol. She said "Wow! it looks like a big hershey's chocolate. " Then, the people change carmen hills into Chocolate hills.


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3 Responses Jun 7, 2011

Sawa is a bisaya word for a python and a tarsier is a small primate.

wow nice to go around ha,yes its anaconda or sometimes called boa too but small monkey is tarsier and yes its in bohol,so nice to pose those pictures and thanks for including me to your circle of friends....

Is the snake an anaconda? Tarsier is a Slow Lorris, yes? These are wonderful photos and a most engaging story!