The Chain And The Ribbon - An objective Observation

Oh the chain so used, cuts so deep, the tighter it is pulled.

but the ribbon, so silky, and shiny; easily untied, Quite unsuited to constriction.

The chain; it's bite so hard, and cold. Rusting as it ages.

but the ribbon once finished with it, is great for wrapping presents.

The chain so heavy. Used all over as a shackle.

But the ribbon is such a pretty thing. It even looks great within your hair.

The chain; better suited for walking a dog, or beast.

but the ribbon is such a whimsical sight, as a young child plays with it

A chain dropped in a heavy gale storm still falls loudly to the ground.

While ribbon in a light breeze floats and flies free upon the gentle winds.
TheHiker TheHiker
41-45, M
May 16, 2012