Crazy Nothing - What What.....

So wrong, all gone..., so what's going on ?

No, Don Juan's here Ms.Fawn. Has it been too long ?

Then get off my lawn, before the dawn. It's all foregone in the song so long.

Straight trippin to the blonde,. thereon..

In Saigon spitting on the Koran. The bow already redrawn. Now my arrow's eating chicken Szechuan.

So I'm goin with the run on like a swan from Taiwan heading for Hong Kong for a hit off her Blinga-Bong.

Kinda withdrawn in the predawn having me a good yawn

. Gonna spawn a rhyme of freon. with my brain so brawn like it's wrapped up in chiffon,

Twirling up my baton. Throw it next to that pawn with his backwards hat on.

Calling up ta get me sum sweet cina-bon bon sprinkled with some saffron.

Grab some gas at Exxon, so I can flee this Zion, I'm on.
TheHiker TheHiker
41-45, M
May 19, 2012