The Lover's Dreaming Wonder

I wonder where your dreams bring you tonight as you lay wrapped in your sheets and sprawled half clothed upon your bed.

Does a smile touch your amazing lips as your soft eyes lay hidden behind your lids ?

Do you softly moan, with an outstretched arm, crooked underneath your beautiful face, as your magnificent features contort those sheets to your form ?

Is your hair pushed back by that arm as it serves as a resting spot for your head ?

My mind stares at you in awe as I picture such things.

I sigh with each placidly soft whisper of the inhalations you take.

I moan in time with your expenditures of exhaled breaths.

I watched transfixed as your chest moves up and down as you just lay there breathing.

I wish it is so that you breathe easily and unhindered by the worries of your day today.

I send peace into your being with my thought as I lie here next to you in my own waking dream.

A never ending thing for me.

The ghost of my hand caressing your hair from off your forehead so that I might take in every little scrap of detail to be seen.

Damn it girl..., you're just so fine.

I go now to dream.... to dream of you in your own dream..., wondering if both dreams are the same.
Wondering if the dream is just a dream.

Perhaps we can hold hands there in that dream.

To take a walk under a starry sky, next to the most peaceful of rivers.

To gaze together at a silent waterfall that simply sparkles the moonlight back at us

A coyote mother with her pack of cubs will dart from under a nearby bush without ever startling us.

We can watch the little ones playfully dance about each other in a spectacle of nature's funner side.

A small cozy cottage on the other side will beckon us to it, and in a blur of non-motion we will be at it's doorway.

I will lift you up in my arms and carry you inside, where will lay beside a fireplace upon the plushest of carpets.

2 already poured glasses of champagne will be there awaiting our lips.

A bowl filled to the brim with strawberries nearby for our consumption.

You shall tease me then of a silly sounding joke I once tried to tell, and your voice will sing with laughter as I pout.

I too will be caught up in such music as your voice makes when you laugh so freely.

then you will start to say you are only teasing me, but the words cannot escape your lips quickly enough as I begin to kiss them.

You will kiss me back and we will slowly drift back to our spot on the carpet and begin our feast upon such a sensual fruit.

I feeding you as you feed me. Our joking done now as we slowly begin our dance of passion and love.

I go to have this dream, my sweet.

I love you.

Dream well, and be comforted in the knowing that I am here for you.

Oh, sweet girl. My Iris Flower. Gift of the Goddess you are named for.

A gift to the world that I have now to enjoy and behold.

I am smitten by thee.


God, how I love you !

TheHiker TheHiker
41-45, M
May 20, 2012