The Original Earth Inhabitant's View

Our world was once
If not a Peaceful and Blissful place
Where we still care for the Earth.
When did we damage it?

I am confused, unsure,
And Scared.
For I was still in a part of the world
A sanctuary, a place where no humans thrive on

I left my sanctuary to fulfill my curiosity
And Ignoring the others' words of warnings
And now I am aware of the horrors.
The land that is not within the Sanctuary

Is nothing but a living nightmare.

(FICTION, just thinking about random things like: Ooooh, maybe there's some kind of "Original" inhabitants of the earth long before plants, or animals that doesn't need anything to survive kind of immortal/mortal? DUnno But yeah the inhabitants of earth the original ones lives in a place where no humans can see or touch or hear or smell or sense or feel or poke. THIS IS FICTIONAL. SO DON'T SAY THAT IT'S NOT POSSIBLE That there are even an 'original' inhabitant of earth, cuz I KNOW THIS IS FAKE.) :p :D
1WillSurvIve 1WillSurvIve
13-15, F
May 20, 2012