The War Of The Elements

The Elements had a never ending war
Within our world, and
Within another universe.

Fire will always try to thrive, but Water will always put it out.
Water will always expand, but Ice limits water.
Earth is the neutral one, but if there's war near or within it's area,
Earth will always lose if it is by itself, but with Green it will hold the elements down.
Lava will destroy and melt anything on its way, but water and ice stops it's path of destruction.
Lightning can damage anything, but if it's target is within water it is more powerful, and so
The other elements works together, and created rubber
Something that cannot be affected by Lightning, causing Lightning and all its forces to lose
And Elements and elements will fight each other, discover a weakness of one of their strongest
Elements enemy by the help of all and each of the elements working together,
and make that element succumb, and the cycle doomed for all elements will continue...
1WillSurvIve 1WillSurvIve
13-15, F
May 20, 2012