Knowledge Is Wealth

The sun and the moon,
The sea beneath stars;
The cold winter wind
that blows from afar.

The flowers in fields,
Like all doomed to die;
The trees of the forest
stretch up to the sky.

The far away planets,
The distant black hole;
Like a black mouth
to devour a soul.

The sea and the void,
The deeps and the heavens;
The opposites same,
The people all brethren.

For balance is found,
The black and the white;
The air and the ground,
The day leads to night.

The yin and the yang;
But push comes to shove;
The hawk is for war
For peace is the dove.

Of birds there are many,
That soar through the air,
On land are the beasts
both ugly and fair.

The creatures of earth,
may change on a whim;
Like fish of the water
indeed may they swim.

Swimming through air
Swimming through sand
Swimming through water,
that undersea land.

Where mer-men and maids
Dwell in their homes;
And having left port,
ships now lay as bones.

The dripping of water,
The tick and the tock,
Like blood from a vein,
Time flows from the clock.

The circle unbroken,
Life flows out of death,
A child is born
As one draws his last breath.

The world of today
has grown from the seeds;
Seeds that were sown
By our forebearer's deeds.

So sow all you own,
Save none for yourself,
And never forget it:
Knowledge is wealth.
ak3160 ak3160
22-25, M
May 22, 2012