The Cat And Hare (a Lover's Poem)

About a year and a half ago I stumbled upon a pair of lovers here. I watched for a time, just letting their words to each other wash over me. They went back and forth for what seemed like a forever of beauty and tranquility filled with amorous affection. I ended up friending both of them so as to better watch this exchange of such finely worded thoughts of intensity.

I remember thinking to myself back then that there was no way they could ever keep it going for very long. Yet still, they kept right on going, and going, and going. Ever strengthening their love for each other through the poetically typened words they used. Finding newer and richer ways to express their feelings. I found it simply amazing and inspiring to behold. I felt blessed to be able to follow it the way I did.

I was under another screen name at the time and for reasons of my own I ended up deleting that account and disappearing for 3-4 months. Upon my return they were 2 of the friends from the past that I actively sought out. Regaining their friendships was a thing of utmost importance to me, as I was ever so curious to see what they were up to. Was everything much the same ? Were they still going strong ? Or had their inspirations run dry toward each other ?

I'll let the following words tell the tale of what I have found upon my return.

Kassiekat & Kottontail -- This rhyme's for you my friends !

In all my inspirations found
the sky..., the tree..., the flowered ground.
Never before have I seen.


The beauty, grace, the poetic's versed

Loving, Lusts, two souls immersed.

He so manly, her so lean.

And to each the other, their words do flow.

The raining sky. The flowers grow.

nothing ever to intervene.

The cat, the hare, the unlikely pair.

The thought, the feeling, the great affair.

Their ever shining glean.

To inspire me; that love -- it has

Life's greatest music. A lover's Jazz.

A meal of fine cuisine.

To be as one, they intermingle.

to my heart they lend a twinkle.

A spark of utter sheen.

And so I sit; to tap away

These words of thier love; to now display

To paint a lovely scene.

You two are such a lovely musing

I hope I'm not too assuming

I pray you think this keen.

TheHiker TheHiker
41-45, M
1 Response Jun 22, 2012

I read this story and poem the other day...and I found myself needing to reflect over the carefully crafted words that my wonderful Friend so graciously bestowed upon myself and Kottontail. I think when you find yourself falling for become so wrapped up in them...that the rest of the world simply vanishes from your view. It's not intentional...but it's a fact. I think during this whole process...I became a bit blind to what was happening around me...or who was observing me until just recently.<br />
<br />
I'm not an expert when it comes to matters of the heart. In fact...I would say that I've failed more than I've succeeded if you look at my past relationships. But relationships are stepping stones when it comes to finding the person you are suppose to be with...and what I have found is that every step was a lesson learned...and a way to better myself the next time around.<br />
<br />
What I didn't understand until recently was that it's way more than life experiences that make a couple successful. So many things figure into the equation...and some of it is things you naturally have with another person...and if you don't then you probably won't click. This is why I believe so strongly in Soulmates.<br />
<br />
So upon reading my Friend's whimsical account of what he has seen unfold over the past year was quite revealing...but in a very touching way. I'm very thankful for the friends and the love that I continue to receive on EP. It is always given to me freely and without reservation. And what I love is how when I've tried to apologize for not being good about responding to messages and such...I'm always embraced and told..."You had more important things on your mind...and we completely understand." <-----And this is why I say my circle rocks every single day...because it so does.<br />
<br />
Thank you for taking the time to write such a lovely piece my Friend. I'm quite honored and humbled by your well as your poetic pen. :)