I Can Rhyme If I Want To

I could sit and rhyme my days away
with all the clever words I'd say
Charming things, and thoughts so dark
Passioned words. Lights that spark
Witty wonders. Storied tales
Loving heart, and soul revealed
Twisted image. Tortured mind.
Clear Blue skies. Sun that shined.
Stormy clouds. Flowered glade.
Drawing pictures, with the rhymes so made
To stand upon a mountian's peak
you'd feel the wind in word's I'd speak
Inside a river of cold clear water
Describe the beauty that is my daughter
For rhyming's what I seem to do
I post them when the rhyming's through
For you to read and for you to feel
all my words as if they're real
Because they are, those words I've typed
as I went sleepless through the night
Bent and broken deep inside
sliced up soul who should have died
bringing you into my dreams
to let you hear my whispered screams
To show you pieces of my life
to make you think it's all alright
to make you happy and make you smile
to make you feel something for a small while
to take you out and dance with you
to make you feel that which is taboo
I can rhyme, and that's for sure
and let me tell you one thing more
that what I type comes from my soul
a thing that burns in a blackened hole
but don't you worry and do not fret
because I'm not done my rhyming yet
there's more to type and things to say
and as I give that soul away
I hope you feel it and it makes you ponder
and keeps you from a thought to squander
away your time, or away you life
Live and learn, and fight the fight
to be well, and to be happy
To die trying, you must be scrappy
Those three things are yours to strive for
yours to think on and to survive for
and now I leave you with those three thoughts
I beg you think of them a lot

TheHiker TheHiker
41-45, M
1 Response Jul 1, 2012

This was very heartfelt, so much passion is there in everything you write!

I am very glad you came here, my friend. I know that this place is much kinder to you than the last and you deserve kindness. I'm so glad you're my friend and things have been better for you lately. Sorry I missed this way back when, when you typed it.

Thanks. I feel right at home here on ep.com. I am also glad that we are friends. And as for your reply, you know the saying "Better late than never."