Silent sounds within my frown, my entire world just crashing down.

And as my thoughts burn like a pyre, my mind gets torn, and heart expires.

Never sure just what went wrong, or where it is that you have gone.

I tell myself it was all a lie, because that is what will get me by.

To think it's true, is just too much, to think the world has lost your touch.

And in my soul I felt your pull, a feeling that had kept me full

Of such a love I never thought, is what to me, your words had brought.

But now you're gone, and here I sit, bereft of all the love that quit.

And in my sullen tears I cry, and with every passing day gone by,

I hope to hear that voice again. To hear the laughter of such a friend.

Just to know that you are alright, and that your life force still burns bright.

I miss you more than ever now, wishing that there was somehow,

to make you hear me just once more. To make you know that I adore.

I cherish the memories that you gave, but my remorse now digs my grave.

And all my hope, it seems is lost. All my faith, to the winds are tossed.

And as I start to think it's true, and heaven's now within your view.

Gone forever to the angel's land. To walk on clouds and at the gates you stand.

I wonder do you wait for me ? Do you look down with some pity ?

Questions that hold no answer. In to my heart they are a cancer.

It makes me wish now for my fate. I feel the hour is so late.

And so it is, to you I'll fly, beneath the everlasting sky.

Wind and rain, earth and sea, slowly lose their grasp on me.

So I prepare myself to climb, too the mountain dreams within my mind.

And as my girl so sweet does grow, soon to be out upon her own,

and after that, my tasks are done, I'll find you there within the sun.

So yet, again, we two can burn, in an afterlife so earned.

In the bliss of enternity, with you in my arms, it's all I see.

I wonder what you'll think of me, if I come to you so free.

My soul is dead, my heart doesn't beat, my mind is warped. Life's obsolete.

For deep inside my spirit here, I lay upon my funeral bier.

and as every thought just burns to ash and every single moment past

Every beat feels like the last, and I pray to be with you at last.

I pray for the ending to come for me, and with your spirit to fly so free.

I pray to God for your loving arms. Still so enraptured by all your charms.

Though I know my path still goes on, and the road I travel is so long,

and all my passions still so strong, it's within those arms that I belong.

So as I wander here bereft, and as I feel the space you left,

the space where the wind blows cold, a place where there once was gold,

I walk myself on towards the day, when responsibilities fades away.

Then at last to die for real, to be together beyond life's viel.

TheHiker TheHiker
41-45, M
1 Response Jul 4, 2012

That was one of the deepest and most touching pieces of writing I've ever read in here and maybe anywhere else as well.... You are very gifted.....

I love to write my rhymes. Many people think more of them than I do. I tend to look at most of them as mere trifles. I did think this was ok though. I have maybe 60 or so poems posted on this site. Some I like more than this one

I think most folks are way harder on their own work or creations.....I look forward to reading a lot more of your work!! :)