Inside - Out

Inside the magic mirror. Inside the land of dreams.
Inside the crystal waters. Inside the placid streams.
Inside the favorite feeling. Inside the peaceful heart.
Inside the everlasting. Inside the brand new start.
Inside of your forever. Inside of your true blue.
Inside of all your simple. Inside of all you do.
Inside of all the sunshine. Inside the floating cloud.
Inside of days come and gone. Inside the misted shroud.
Inside of that sweet memory. Inside the child's smile.
Inside the icy mountain peak. Inside the straightest mile.
Inside the wistful fancy. Inside the time well spent.
Inside the friendly handshake. Inside the flower's scent.
Inside the whispered love song. Inside the joyous shout.
Lies all of life's true beauty. From the inside let it out !

The Snowdog
TheHiker TheHiker
41-45, M
2 Responses Jul 4, 2012

Beautiful words, beautifully done.

Thank you, so very much. I love it when people enjoy these little things I write. I smile....

Everything you need is found inside yourself. I have read that many times, but still find it hard to overcome that hurdle all the time.

We are most often our own worst enemies. I feel your pain