Love Cursed

Behind his eyes lies the madness within his mind.

Upon his heart lies the blackness, a curse from out of time.

Within the memory of the haunted, is the defining line.

Into the worlds of Never Wanted slips the soul of lovelorn climbs.


Behind the veil of happy laughter, lies the truth that none can see.

Upon the canvas lies the love, that the artist breathes.

Within the snapshot you've been given, is the whispered grieves.

Into the sadness that he sleeps in, is a dream of loveless thieves.


Behind the mind that's so down trodden, lies sanity unclaimed.

Upon the beir of the burdens, lies the man so maimed.

Within the box slowly lowered, is the man forever shamed.

Into the ground; his ever after, a heart burnt out of flames.


Behind the days now long past him, lies a distant memory of him.

Upon the minds of those that tried, lies the question oh, so grim.

Within the words that he left there, the signal fire now gone dim.

Into the hearts of those that saw it, another phantom limb.


Behind the thought of that which swept him, and stole him from the world.

Upon the curse of love that bore him, for that special girl.

Within that cursed love that claimed him, and laid him out to be unfurled.

Into the hell that did await him, is where he's now been hurled.

TheHiker TheHiker
41-45, M
1 Response Jul 9, 2012

This was beautifully done but filled with a lot of pain....Beautiful does exist..... two sides of a coin that just spins....

I like that. "The two sides of the spinning coin."
Thank you, Sierra.