The Beast Inside

I can feel It in there stirring,
starting to come to life.

I feel It's madness building,
as It opens up Its eyes.

I can sense It's aggrivation,
as It shakes the cage's rusted bars.

I know It comes back to life again.
I hear It's laughter, and see It's scars.

It's been idle for so long now,
not even wanting to be freed.

I had thought It may have died there,
but I guess that was never meant to be.

Now It's eye's are lit with fire,
and all It's anger and It's pain,
will once more fuel It's passions,
and send It raging once again.

I use up all my will power,
trying just hold It back.

But my will is slowly breaking before
the frustration It does not lack.

It's muscles seem to ripple
like the tides of oncoming waves.

I can even taste It's hunger,
and all the violence that It craves.

It's hackles are all standing now,
raised to heightened ends.

It's claws are rending holes inside,
and I know what this portends.

It's unaimed malice is so wicked now,
and It's hatred slowly grows.

Though It has no target,
and the door; it still is closed,
very soon It'll be unleashed once more,
and It's victim shall be chose.

~The Snowdog~

TheHiker TheHiker
41-45, M
4 Responses Jul 17, 2012

Wow! This piece was different from some of your other stuff I've read...but I liked it. You are a very intriguing poet. :)

I can pretty much rhyme any thought I have. I know the "Inner Wolf" crowd may think this is something kin to them, but it's more about the inner anger I have at the moment. Thank you for reading it and for the compliment Kass. Oddly enough I just finished reading your Abandonment post. I know those feelings too.

Even when you write scary you do it with total finesse and maintain that perfect "beat" in your words...... I hope the beast doesn't ever change that.....

It's just been a bad week is all. Maybe next week will be better....... Thank you.

This is perfect :O

Glad you liked it

You do have a beast inside of you, don't you?

I wrote about here once...., what seems like a real long time ago. Another life and incarnation wrote it but..., Yeah, there's a beast inside of me. It's not very nice.