I'd like to tell you about a friend, who I think is just the best.
Her life has recently seemed to her, a bit like a small test.
She's really quite lovely. That's something I must confess.
Would you like to know her name ? Well, here she's known simply as


Now, the things I'd like to say, are quite hard to compress.
But I can surely say to you, that I've never failed to be impressed.
And, as you can surely see, because it is not just a guess,
that if you took the time to read, she overflows with her kindness.

So here I am right now, just hoping to address
All the beauty in her soul, without sounding too obsessed.
Never the less, if I happen to transgress, or go into excess,
You'll have to bear with me because I really feel quite blessed.

I'm glad that she's my friend. I know that she'll progress.
Even if right now, she feels a little stressed.
One might even say, she's a damsel in distress.
But inside of her, there's certain qualities she does possess.

There's a light I see in her that always will flouresce.
It's shines in all she does with her flair of fine finesse
Always with the nicest words, that hit your mind like a caress.
She doesn't often redress, those who try to press
and to see the way that she speaks..., well, it's like watching nobleness.

She may even protest, of these words I now profess
but she deserves this little rhyme, so she'll need to acquiesce.
I doubt she will regress. It's not her way, to be oppresssed
Even by the current problems that she views as a big mess.
So I hereby do attest, that if you're looking for the best
you'll never need to look much further, than that lady called


You're Awesome !    and don't you ever think any different......

TheHiker TheHiker
41-45, M
6 Responses Jul 27, 2012

This is great, Hiker. A lovely rhyme about an awesome person, written by a very talented poet.

With such a lovely inspiration to draw upon, my job was easy. Whoot whoot ! = )

Sorry it took me so long to find this<br />
I’ve been a bit self-absorbed I guess<br />
Your poems are usually hard to miss<br />
But I’ve been in a fog I must confess<br />
<br />
You’ve been a good friend to me hiker guy<br />
Quick with a consoling phrase<br />
You’ve shown compassion-- it often brings a sigh<br />
Friends like you are the reason I’m here these days <br />
<br />
You’re quick with a gesture, a comment, a gift<br />
You’ve mastered the art of timing, I see<br />
Knowing when to insert a joke, bringing a much-needed lift<br />
You make it all worthwhile and fun for me<br />
<br />
I bow to your talent, your kindness, your wit <br />
And I thank you for taking the time to write<br />
I’m blushing I think, although it’s rare, I admit <br />
I don’t embarrass easily but I feel it this night.<br />
<br />
You. You did it. You made me blush and smile<br />
And a smile hasn’t been felt on this face in a while.<br />
I adore you. <br />
Thank you.

I love it when people reply with a rhyme, it makes me just smile, and feel so very fine.
And as I said earlier to a friend that replied, you deserved every word, and also that smile so wide.
I'm just glad to give it to you, my good friend. It's a payback of sorts for the kindness you lend.
All of your friends, I bet feel the same way. They just wish they could rhyme it, the way I did that day.
But they can't and I can, because I am a poet. You're simply awesome dear girl, and I just want you to know it !

Whoot whoot ! Much love, and appreciation, for everything you do and are.

This is such a lovely poem. I'm thinking she hasn't seen it yet though. She will love it when she sees it. How could she not? Awesome job Rob. :)

Nope, I don't think she's seen it yet either. She'll find it in a month or two and smile though. Whoot whoot !

This was beautiful.

Thank you, my fine friend.

You're very welcome.

Awww.. I don't know the lady but I bet you anything she LOVES this....I love to read happy posts about folks liking and admiring each other...Makes my whole day better and the sucky ones wayyy less sucky!! :)

I'm about to go on a tear through my friends list. All of you deserve rhymes that make you smile from ear to ear. If you didn't, well...., you wouldn't be part of The Person Trapped Inside The Poet's, friends list.

Whoot whoot !

Hmmm.....({[ scratches head &amp; wracks brain thinking of words that rhyme with Sierra]}) ;- )

awwww..hugs.. :)

I predict 7 new friends requests for you, my friend..... hehehehehehe !