Because I Can --- For Sierra33 (because..., She Knows She Can Too!)

There are times, I'd like to rhyme. Or sing a song, that's so sublime. Or dance away until the daylight shines.

Just because I can.

There are days I'd like to swim. Or hike across a ravines rim. Or just live according to that day's whims.

Just because I can.

There are nights when the world is right. And all my thoughts seem so bright. That is when I like to write.

Just because I can.

There are times I lay around. Times when I am not so down. It's then I smile instead of frown.

Just because I can.

To do the things I find most pleasing. To talk to friends and simply tease them. Or tell those folks just how much I need them.

Just because I can.

But here right now, I do what I want. Another set of words I'll flaunt. Upon this site I like to haunt.

Just because I can.

And who cares if I'm misunderstood. I know what it is I should..., I'll do whatever feels so good.

Just because I can.

This is what I say to you. Just do what you want to do. Go with the flow and don't be blue.

Just --

TheHiker TheHiker
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3 Responses Jul 31, 2012

As a huge fan of Sierra's, love this, thanks! :)

Who isn't a huge fan of her's ? Whoot whoot ! ;- )

Awesome Post! I just love these poetry tributes you are doing for some of your friends. It just makes me smile so brightly...because I know I have such amazing people in my circle. P.S. Sierra...YES YOU CAN! Whoot Whoot! *laugh* :))

Awwwww this ROCKS like a mountain!! Yup...YOU CAN, I CAN....We ALL CAN!! All we gotta do is make that choice and run with it!! hugs and hugs Hiker!! ♥..Thanks..ya made my morning with this!!

Whoot whoot. And right now I can get to work before I'm late again. Hehehehehehe !

Enjoy the day Sierra.

You too Hiker!! :)